Seldén introduces carbon furling masts

Seldén introduces carbon furling masts

Seldén is tweaking the concept of cruising by blending it with a great deal of performance.

With carbon fiber furling masts designed for a furling mainsail with big headboard and full roach, Seldén is now taking the concept to a new dimension, and it is done in conjunction with Hallberg-Rassy who shares the same ambition of providing convenient sailhandling for the demanding and performance oriented sailor of a larger yacht.

“- Larger boats with small crews call for smart sail handling and we are constantly pushing our product development in that direction” says Seldén’s CEO Peter Rönnbäck and continues; “- The benefits of carbon fiber masts have been appreciated by racing sailors for decades so why wouldn’t a cruising sailor be offered the same deal?

Seldén’s first carbon furling mast has been specified for the all-new Hallberg-Rassy 50 and it comes with electric drive and a hydraulic outhaul for push button operation.