About us

The Seldén Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of mast and rigging systems in carbon and aluminium for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. Our well known brands are Seldén and Furlex. The worldwide success of Furlex has enabled us to build a network of over 750 authorised dealers covering the world’s marine markets. So wherever you sail, you can be sure of fast access to our service, spare parts and know-how.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

In our search for perfection, no detail is considered too small. This applies to everything, from the choice of materials to stringent testing of the finished product.

Seldén’s business philosophy can be summed up as quality thinking and system thinking, and a continuous quest to achieve the best possible function for each product.

Leaders all the way

With a large number of championship medals in the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and national championships, Seldén has proved to be Number One in rig systems for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. So no matter the size of your boat, whether you push your equipment to the very limit, or just enjoy leisurely cruising, go Seldén and you’ll benefit from reliable top-class gear.