ProfileWx (cm3)Wy (cm3)Height (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg/m)PS cc (mm)
sliding bolt0.640.3613220.45-
high beam2.102.7635261.07-


The standard track is used for cars adjusted with control lines and for self-tacking systems.

Pin stop

Pinstop is a spring loaded plunger fixing the genoa car on the purpose made track. The car is easy to relocate when not under load.

Sliding bolt

Ideal for retrofit upgrades as the fasteners can be located according to the existing bolt holes. Also used when the bolts are to be hidden.

High beam

The high beam track is used for unsupported main sheet systems and self tacking systems.

Pin stop Racing

Pin stop racing is similar to standard pinstop but features half the distance between the stops for those seeking the optimal trim.