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PROTECTION (ø12,14-7/8") ø67-1100


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Furlex Electric

Get a complete kit of Furlex Electric, our upgrade your manual ø6-10 mm Furlex with Electric drive.

Furlex 20S 30S 40S

Seldén introduces three smaller models of Furlex jib furling systems for dinghies and keelboats with 3-4 mm forestays. These furlers are based on a rotating forestay wire as opposed to furling the sail on to a luff foil as with a traditional jib furler. Ball bearings and structural parts are stainless steel with other parts made from composite.

What is your boat’s righting moment?

In our product presentations we often refer to the righting moment (RM) of the boat, this is crucial to dimension our products correctly. Use our righting moment calculator to find the RM of your boat and all our dimensioning tables will make a lot more sense. “

Introducción "Mejoras Seldén"

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Almacenadores CX & GX

Descubra una nueva forma de sotaventear!!!

Furlex 104S-404S

The 4'th generation of an Icon!

Roller Bearing Blocks, RBB

Low resistance at high loads