Backstay flicker

595-993-F.pdf Latte de pataras
595-993-T.pdf Achterstagheber
595-993-E.pdf Backstay Flicker

Backstay tensioner

595-663-T.pdf Achterstagspanner
595-663-E.pdf Backstay tensioner
597-071-E.pdf Hydraulic backstay tensioner


Single line reef

595-664-SETF.pdf single line reef

Outhaul block replacement

595-788-T.pdf Austauschbausatz für den Ausholerschlitten
595-788-E.pdf Outhaul block replacement kit

Single line reef conversion

595-668-T.pdf Der Einleinen Reff Bausatz
595-668-E.pdf Single Line Reef Conversion Kit

Lazy-Jack system

595-219-E.pdf Lazy jack system

Hydraulic Boom outhaul

595-091-E.pdf Hydraulic Boom Outhaul

Deck hardware

597-003-E.pdf Endless line in Twin-cam fiddle block
597-205-E.pdf Self tacking system 30

Furlex jib furling & reefing system

Type A (1990-1997)

595-056-E.pdf Flx A
595-056-T.pdf Flx A

Type B MkII (1987-1997)

595-018-T.pdf Flx B
595-018-E.pdf Flx B

Type C & D (1984-1997)

595-019-E.pdf Flx C & D
595-019-T.pdf Flx C & D

Type B MkI (1983-1986)

595-537-SET.pdf Manual Furlex B mk1

20S 30S 40S (2015 -)

597-131-E.PDF Furlex 20S, 30S and 40S

50S (2007 -)

595-982-T.pdf Anleitung zur Montage und Handhabung Furlex 50S
595-982-E.pdf Manual Furlex 50S

100S (1997-2014)

595-102-E.pdf Furlex 100S
595-102-I.pdf Furlex 100S
595-102-T.pdf Furlex 100S
595-767-SET.pdf Extension Link
595-026-SET.pdf Prefeeder

104S (2015 -)

597-133-E.pdf Manual & Spare part lists Furlex 104S
597-133-T.pdf Gebrauchsanleitung und Ersatzteilliste Furlex 104S

200S-300S (1997-2014)

595-104-T.pdf Furlex 200S & 300S
595-104-E.pdf Furlex 200S & 300S
595-111-E.pdf Furlex Rod forestay 200-500S
595-767-SET.pdf Extension Link
595-162-E.pdf Assembly Line lock Furlex

204S-304S (2014 -)

597-132-E.pdf Manual and Spare parts list Furlex 204S & 304S
597-132-T.pdf Gebrauchsanleitung und Ersatzteilliste Furlex 204S und 304S
597-180-E.pdf Luff assembly for rod stay Furlex 204S/304S

404S (2015 -)

597-181-E.pdf Manual and Spare parts list Furlex 404S
597-181-T.pdf Anleitung zur Montage und Handhabung Furlex 404S
597-184-E.pdf Luff assembly Rod stay Flx 404S

400S-500S (1997-2014)

595-116-T.pdf Furlex 400S o 500S
595-116-E.pdf Furlex 400S & 500S
595-111-E.pdf Furlex rod forestay 200S-500S
595-767-SET.pdf Extension Link.pdf

200TD-300TD (2005 -)

595-231-T.pdf Furlex 200TD/300TD
595-231-E.pdf Furlex 200TD/300TD
595-940-E.pdf Modification Flx TD
595-120-E.pdf Furlex 200TD-400TD Rod

304TD (2018-)

597-418-E.pdf Furlex 304TD

400TD (2005 -)

595-240-E.pdf Furlex 400TD
595-120-E.pdf Furlex 200TD-400TD Rod
595-940-E.pdf Modification Flx TD

200E-400E (2006 -)

595-926-E.pdf Furlex Electric 200E-400E
595-926-T.pdf Furlex Electric 200E/300E/400E
595-526-E.pdf Belt exchange Furlex 200E-300E
595-014-E.pdf Seldén 4-function Remote Control System

204E-304E (2018 - )

597-283-E.pdf Order Guide
597-274-E.pdf Furlex E Supplementary manual
597-275-E.pdf Power supply and SEL-Bus system

300H-400H (1997 -)

595-119-T.pdf Furlex 300H & 400H
595-119-E.pdf Furlex 300H & 400H

500H (1997 -)

595-095-E.pdf Supplementary Manual Flx 500H

Furling masts

Manual drive

595-065-E.pdf Furling mast Mk 4
595-063-E.pdf Furling Mast RB RC
595-063-T.pdf Furling mast Mk II RB RC
595-059-E.pdf Manual for furling mast type RA
595-020-T.pdf Furling mast RB RC
595-020-E.pdf Furling mast RB RC
595-059-T.pdf Gebrauchsanweisung für rollmast typ RA
595-065-T.pdf Gebrauchsanweisung für Furling Mast RB MK

Splicing the furling line

595-673.pdf Splice, ”endless” line

Hydraulic drive

595-079-E.pdf Hydraulic RB RC
595-079-T.pdf Hydraulik RB o RC

Electric drive

595-193-T.pdf Rollmast Elektroantrieb
595-055-E.pdf Manual for Electric Furling Mast

Gennaker and code 0 definitions

595-718-E.pdf Code zero Gennaker
595-246-E.pdf Gennaker pole kit
595-451-E.pdf Carbon gennaker pole kit
597-207-E.pdf Gennaker halyard crane

Gennaker and Code 0 furlers

Seldén GX

597-077-E.pdf Manual Seldén GX
597-077-T.pdf Montage Seldén GX
597-136-E.pdf Assembly of Line-Lock terminals

Seldén CX

597-001-E.pdf Seldén CX15
597-002-E.pdf Seldén CX40
595-731-E.pdf Seldén CX25
597-209-E.pdf Seldén CX45
595-542-E.pdf Sailmakers guide page 42, Seldén CX

Adjustable tack swivel

597-175-E.pdf Manual adjustable tack swivel

Line clamp instruction

597-135-E.pdf Line clamp instruction
597-135-T.pdf Montageanleitung für Colligo Line Clamps

Dead end bracket

595-386-E.pdf Dead end bracket

Seldén GX for masthead rigs

597-207-E.pdf Assembly instruction for gennaker halyard crane

2-1 Halyard arrangement for Code Zero

597-263-E.pdf Locating and selecting a 2:1 halyard arrangement for code Zero

Hydraulic mast jack

595-933-E.pdf Mast jack Manual

Hydraulic power pack

595-922-E.pdf Hydraulic assembly Power pac


Hydraulic hoses

595-168-E.pdf Definition of Hose Length
595-740-SETF.pdf Hydraulic hose assembly

12 or 24V ?

595-752-E.pdf Seldén hydraulic system
595-752-T.pdf Seldén Hydrauliksystem

Hydraulic mast jack

595-933-E.pdf Mast jack Manual

Hydraulic backstay tensioner

597-071-E.pdf Hydraulic backstay tensioner
597-204-E.pdf Hydraulic backstay tensioner HT

Control panel

597-145-E.pdf Hand operated hydraulic pump station

Lazy jack

595-219-E.pdf Lazy jack system

Mast fitting

Triple Combi

595-029-E.pdf Triple combi (ø4-5 mm forestay)
595-034-E.pdf Triple combi (ø6-7 mm forestay)


595-158-E.pdf Forestay fitting O-22

Nose fitting

595-054-E.pdf Forestay fitting, Nose tang (ø8-10 mm)

Sheave box

595-099-SETF.pdf Sheave box AL-70
595-098-SETF.pdf Sheave box kit AL-45
595-100-SETF.pdf Sheave box AL-90
595-163-SET.pdf Sheave box kit C-70

Halyard exit

595-038-E.pdf Halyard exit 18 mm
595-037-E.pdf Halyard exit 10 mm
595-036-E.pdf Halyard exit 14 mm
595-039-E.pdf Halyard exit 24 mm

Sail feeder

595-067-SET.pdf Sail groove insert for fullbatten cars, E and D sections

Full batten system

595-067-SET.pdf Sail groove insert for fullbatten cars, E and D sections


595-670.pdf RCB Full batten system 22

MDS Headboard toggle

595-160-E.pdf MDS Head board toggel
595-161-E.pdf MDS Head board toggle (Heavy Duty)

Tie-rod rigging screws

595-066-SE.pdf Tie-Rod Vantskruvar

Bolt rope extrusion

595-862-E.pdf Bolt rope extrusion and feeder

Loop and support

595-154-T.pdf Bügel und Kissen Ki
595-154-E.pdf Loop and Support Kit

Spi-lift system

595-238-E.pdf Bav Spinnaker Pole heel Lift System
595-238-T.pdf Bav Spinnaker Lift System

Aero-strip (prevents rolling)

595-210-E.pdf Aero strips

Deck ring assembly

595-701-E.pdf Deckring Assembly
595-813-E.pdf Deckring T-base location

Mast base location

595-962-E.pdf Deck Stepped Mast Base Location

Mast step

595-001-SE.pdf Maststeg/Mast climbing step
595-925-E.pdf Mast Walker

Dead end bracket

595-386-E.pdf Dead end bracket

Rigging instructions

595-540-E.pdf Hints and advice
595-748-E.pdf Fractional rig without a masthead backstay

Rigging screw covers

595-809-SE.pdf Rigging screw covers, fitting instructions

Rodkicker rigid vang


595-073-SET.pdf Rodkicker 10/20/30
595-854-SET.pdf Rodkicker 05

Universal mast fitting

595-156-T.pdf Universal-Mastbeschlag für Rodkicker
595-156-E.pdf Universal kicker bracket

Universal boom bracket

595-157-E.pdf Universal kicker slider
595-157-T.pdf Universal-Baumbeschlag

Selftacking systems

597-278-E.pdf Self tacking system 22
597-205-E.pdf Self tacking system 30

Single line reef

595-992-E.pdf Single line reef Conversion kit
595-992-T.pdf Bausatz für das Einleinenreff-System
595-664-SETF.pdf Instruction for Single Line Reef
595-668-E.pdf Single Line Reef conversion kit
595-668-T.pdf Der Einleinen Reff Bausatz

Spinnaker lift system

595-154-E.pdf Loop and Support Kit
595-154-T.pdf Bügel und Kissen Ki
595-238-E.pdf Bav Spinnaker Pole heel Lift System
595-238-T.pdf Bav Spinnaker Lift System

Spinnaker pole kit

595-533-SET.pdf Spinnaker pole kit
595-411-E.pdf Twaron wrap
595-415-E.pdf Carbon Pole kit
595-785-E.pdf Spinnaker pole kit
595-412-E.pdf HMPE Pole Bridles
595-785-T.pdf Spinnakerbaum - Bausatz

Spinnaker sailing

595-560-E.pdf Using a spinnaker


595-658-E.pdf Reversible winch
595-658-F.pdf Manuel pour Winch Réversible
597-285-E.pdf S winch manual