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Selftacking jib systems

NEWS - Now available for 25'-35' boats

Furlex Electric

Get a complete kit of Furlex Electric, or upgrade your manual ø6-10 mm Furlex with Electric drive.

Furlex 20S 30S 40S

Seldén introduces three smaller models of Furlex jib furling systems for dinghies and keelboats with 3-4 mm forestays. These furlers are based on a rotating forestay wire as opposed to furling the sail on to a luff foil as with a traditional jib furler. Ball bearings and structural parts are stainless steel with other parts made from composite.

What is your boat’s righting moment?

In our product presentations we often refer to the righting moment (RM) of the boat, this is crucial to dimension our products correctly. Use our righting moment calculator to find the RM of your boat and all our dimensioning tables will make a lot more sense. “

Low friction rings

Use them for applications with static load such as backstay cascades, barber haulers, kicker tackles - just to mention a few.

INTRODUCING "Upgrade your boat"!

Uprade your boat is a tool to easy find options for enhancing your boat. Locate your boat type from our database and your're ready to go!

Product recall, 517-914

Important information concerning forestay fitting 517-914: It has been brought to our attention that a few forestay fittings of this design have failed due to a crack in the welding. The suspect production batches were used during the period 2004-2008.


New High Speed Sailboat with a carbon Seldén Mast and boom. Developed in great secrecy over a two-year period, the Monofoil Gonet will raise the blood pressure! Designed and skippered by the talented sailor Eric Monnin in collaboration with Damian Weiss, this innovative sailboat was created and built at the Weiss Yachts yard. Launched and tested away from prying eyes in central Switzerland, the Monofoil Gonet will soon arrive at Lake Geneva, where it will benefit from final testing before committing to the great classics of Lake Geneva and other Swiss lakes. The Monofoil Gonet is a forerunner in sailboat design: it was conceptualised before the America's Cup made a spectacular and unexpected transition to the flying monohulls. "For a long time, I've been watching the spectacular performance of foil sailboats," says designer Eric Monnin. "Several monohull projects have been developed since the success of the foiling Moth, like the Quant 23, which impressed me, but it's still an evolving field and I've always found something missing ... ". Monofoil Gonet is full of innovation much of which is invisible. "It is a modest sailboat in size, since it measures only eight metres, but has the potential to win the Bol d'Or if the weather conditions are favourable." During the first trial sails, the Monofoil Gonet proved that she was "well born". Steady on her foils, she easily reached a speed of over 25 knots (almost 50 km / h). #seldenmasts #teamselden #carbon #sailing



GX & CX furlers

Discover a new type of downwind sailing!

Furlex 104S-404S

The 4'th generation of an Icon!

Roller Bearing Blocks, RBB

Low resistance at high loads