A brilliant solution for any application you want to attach and remove quickly, for example runners and check stays. Just replace the standard shackle with a snap shackle. The shackle is made of high strength Duplex 2205 stainless steel and has a quality mirror finish. 






This new snap shackle has a big, well rounded loop allowing the rope to slide with low friction. Compared to a regular snatch block, this shackle is lighter, easier to operate and lower cost. Typical applications are barber haulers for spinnaker and jibs but also to tension a Seldén CX with 2:1 purchase. This not only makes for better perform ance but it also makes it easier to connect the Seldén CX to a bowsprit, from the foredeck. 

Item NoSafe working Load (kg)Breaking Load (kg)Match with
307-436-0115003000PBB60, PBB70, RBB60, CX15, GX15
307-437-0125005000PBB80, RBB80, CX25
404-040-015501100BBB 40
405-040-019001800PBB50, CX10, GX7.5, GX10
406-040-0115003000PBB 60, PBB 70, RBB 70, CX15
408-040-0125005000PBB80, RBB80, CX25
410-040-0140008000PBB100, CX40
307-438-0140008000PBB100, CX40
307-435-019001800PBB50, CX10, GX7.5, GX10