In 1994 Seldén was appointed rig supplier to the major boat builder Hunter Marine. Masts, booms, standing and running rigging was produced in Gothenburg, Sweden, packed in containers and shipped on regular basis to Florida. A big logistic challenge every time and when we got more OEM business we decided to go west.



Seldén Mast Inc was set up in 1998 in Charleston, South Carolina. At that time we knew the US market well from our success with Furlex jib furling systems and we were in a position to hire staff we knew since many years. Production staff from Sweden were sent over to educate the US assemblers, and some of them became Americans and emigrated for good.

At Seldén Mast Inc we are producing rig systems for dinghies, keelboats and yachts and distribute all the product range throughout North America and South America.